One pourring morning,
When i look throw my windows,
The raven , at me, keep staring.
I stare him too,how many time ? how ?

I cant' told you,
but In this beautiful eyes
i saw all the fate of my life.
I saw the truth, i saw it through

He is the dark messenger
of the Great Forbidden One
he told me he is coming with anger
And need the soul of every one

Freely, i gave mine
Freely, I recognize him as the te true God
Freely, I gihe Him my time
Thankfully, I bend before the goat

Take me to your black light,
Guide me in your left hand path
i honor my god, I honor the truth
Satan, the ennemy, the adversary
of all stuppid xtinaty
Lucifer, the light bearer
is my true savior.

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Comment by Devilboy on August 27, 2017 at 1:45pm
I love it!

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