In an upside-down world, with upside-down understandings of morality and of the value of love,... their interpretation of the bible and the debate about its ...


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Comment by Pierre on August 27, 2017 at 4:35am

there si a truth and it's the god jehova loves everybody, above all if you belive in him. but, if you choose to have another god, to have no religion, to reject him...HE PUT YOU IN HELL? WHERE YOU WILL BE TORTURED? SUFFOCATED AND BURNED FOR ETERNITY...That's the love of god jehova, the love of the xtian god...Cause it's poove that the god EL or YHWH is at the origin, at his own origin, a god among many others god, and he had a wife too : Ashera....But, no xtian ones tell us this, because that can be destroyed the lies who learn to everyone.

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